Marine Trailer Lights System

Sick of replacing boat trailer lights ever other year due to one problem or another, the TFM team has come up with a system to meet all the demands and flexibility of commercial and heavy recreational use on a boat trailer. At the heart of the system is the waterproof junction box with clear lid mounted at the front of the trailer, allowing quick, industrial waterproof connections to be made with cable glands and push in terminals.

Features include:
- All lights are pre-wired with 9m of cable to ensure no underwater connections are required
- Kits includes marker lights and number plate lights
- Fully modular, so that individual lights can easily be replaced without disturbing the rest of the system
- No custom connectors, so other lights can be used if desired
- Fuses on each light so if one fails it doesn't take down the whole system
- Indicator LEDs in junction box to show signal from car
- Clear junction box lid allows for inspection of internal components and water leakage at a glance
- Dunkable (the technical term) junction box is suitable for full immersion while beach launching

Following a successful prototype and testing, a preliminary production batch is just about complete, with the opportunity to pre-order in the near future. Contact us for more information and pricing.