About Us

TFM Engineering is based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

We are a small company that designs and creates innovative and useful products for SCUBA, marine and high pressure gas applications among other things. As we are small, we have low overheads, are extremely flexible and can help customers achieve their goals at low cost as a result - whether it be design, prototyping or production.

With most products made locally in small production runs, there is usually no problem with making changes or completely new parts to suit your application. We make use of our network of other industry partners to achieve volume savings while keeping overheads low.

Our capabilities and resources include:
- Design and drafting
- Small scale engineering
- Lasercutting and folding
- Stainless steel (various grades) fabrication
- Machining and welding
- Custom electronics and system integration
- High pressure air/oxygen/inert gas equipment
- SCUBA compressor accessories
- SCUBA/underwater and marine products